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August 3, 2021

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Timal Tourism Development Nepal (TTDN NEPAL)

Timal Tourism Development Nepal (TTDN NEPAL)

Timal Tourism Development Nepal (TTDN NEPAL)

Timal Tourism Development Nepal (TTDN NEPAL) is a non-government, non-political, non-profit development organization working under the principle of “Development through Volunteering”. It was established by a group of Village people and Trekking company manager as an action for community development and empowerment under the Nepalese Organization Act of 2005 AD. It focuses its activities on the progress of disadvantaged people, and plays the role of facilitator for sustainable development by utilizing local resources. As a development and volunteer organization, Timal Tourism Development Nepal utilize the skills of  national and international volunteers and local people into the sectors of education, health, agriculture, environment, etc. The aim of utilizing skills of  volunteers is to empower local people and raise awareness with a “bottom up” development strategy, and to help local people directly, through the various aid programs Volunteer Aid Nepal is running.

At Timal Tourism Development Nepal, we believe that volunteerism is an important aspect to leading a healthy, fulfilling life. We also realize that action, not just awareness, is the way to bring about much needed social improvement. In order to translate the concept “Think Globally, Act Locally” into action, we utilize an international community of volunteers to help change the local way of life for the better. Though the local people of Nepal are certainly specialists of their region, international volunteers have much to offer them, as they are usually more privileged than their Nepali counterparts. Thus, at Timal Tourism Development Nepal, we help volunteers empower the local people, so they in turn can “Act Locally”.

Timal Tourism Development Nepal runs various research programs to help discern exactly what it is that rural Nepali people need, as well as investigate the subtle differences in each of the many ethnic and social groups that call Nepal home. We collect this information in order to more effectively help the People.


At Timal Tourism Development Nepal, we envision a society in which a wide range of opportunities exist, and each community member is guaranteed an equal chance at those opportunities


Timal Tourism Development Nepal’s mission is to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people. As a helping hand and support center for the holistic progress of disadvantaged people, we work with community based organizations to achieve their goals of social justice, equality, prosperity and development. We also work as a placement center for international volunteers, so that we can provide them a base from which positive relationships with local people can grow.

Our Way Forward

Here at Timal Tourism Development Nepal, we will continue to strive for excellence by helping disadvantaged people in Nepal. We firmly believe that our efforts should be focused upon the needy first, and in this way, we can more effectively raise the standard of living here in Nepal. Our community outreach programs will continue to be implemented as the driving force behind our goal of empowerment, and with the help of international and local volunteers, we are determined to reach this goal.

Our Policy

As a largely undeveloped nation, Nepal needs outside help in order to reach a proper standard of living. This help is most effectively obtained through volunteerism. One volunteer can empower ten, if not more, local people, and an empowered local can empower 100 or a whole community. Essentially, we need leaders to create leaders. This policy of “development through volunteering” will help bring about a better Nepal, and in turn, a better world.


Timal Tourism Development Nepal is a social, Non Profit, Non Government, Social and Volunteer Organization.

   1. To utilize the skills of volunteers for development, reformation, and progress of the community.
   2. To assist International and National volunteers.
   3. To produce media materials to increase the feeling of volunteerism among the People and international community.
   4. To increase the skill of volunteers, and through volunteers, develop the skill of people and communities.
   5. To ulilize the skills of  volunteers in the sectors of education, health, environment, human rights, agriculture etc.
   6. To run programs for disadvantaged people and communities.
   7. To help Community based organizations.
   8. To study the society and culture of Nepal.
   9. To publish volunteerism promotion materials.
  10. To promote volunteerism in the international and local communities.
  11. To promote Cultrure, nature and Tradition with Introduce of Late Tamang King Rhenjen Dorje.and improve the villagers economic condition with their living standard.

To fulfill our objectives, the support and help of Volunteers, Partners, and local people is required.

Organization Registration details:

      Registration Number: 1095/64/65 ( Government of Nepal, District Administrative Office, Kavre )
      Social Welfare Council Affiliation Number: 31279
      Permanent Account Number ( PAN ): 304576748

Local people are the experts to identify the needs within their own community and the appropriate roles that outsiders can play in addressing those needs. The most effective international volunteers learn to work in solidarity with the members of the host community, helping them carry out their objectives, offering advice when asked, and encouraging them in their work. The community can benefit from your skills, labor, education, financial and material contributions, and your continued support once you return home. Whether you are working on our  volunter program in communities of Nepal, the role of the international volunteer is same – to work side-byside with and learn from the local people, to exchange ideas, and to build bridges of mutual respect and understanding.

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