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August 3, 2021

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Volunteer in Hydro power project in Nepal

Volunteer in Hydro power project in Nepal

Volunteer in Hydro power project in Nepal

Short History about “HYDRO POWER PROJECT” from past to present .

I have felt “Our country Nepal is the second richest country in the water resource “will be limited only in words. It is a matter of sorrowful because, although our country is very rich in water resource still all the consumers are facing the problem of load-shedding (No light) everyday about eight hours even that in the evening time more.

Now, I would like to change the context, in the past, about six year’s before 2003 AD, my father and sister had tried to generate electricity from the nearby river, the village known as Timal Sarsyungkharka V.D.C. – 6 Chukha. But at that time, due to economic and technical reason the programme couldn’t be started & failed. After then, I got opportunity to learn technical skill from organization (Alternative Energy Promotion centre with Dhaulagiri Community Source Development centre). Then, I reached to many organizations (NGO) doors to know for help. But they just showed me help in words. Then, I firmly determined to fulfil the wishes of the villagers to stay in a light through taking loan from the bank keeping land deposit as a property and my own guest Diana(from Holland)supported to this project. Then, I became able to generate the electricity in 2006 in a tender age of 20 from the ‘Tamang Caste’ which is known as disadvantaged group & caste in Nepal. I have thought, I am lucky because I became able to generate power in spite of several problems. There is no problem of the load-shedding (No light).

On the another hand, as I am very much interested in ‘Social Service’ now too, I have tried to make different programmes for village development. At last, I would like to thank to all the relatives, interested people and the lovers of the hydro power. Let’s utilize properly the locally available all resources like; small rivers, water falls etc. In which treasure and potentiality of the development is hidden. It has our country’s future. Then, we can imagine the “NEW NEPAL”. There fore, again I would like to request heartly to all of you for good help and co-operation what ever you can. We are very much hopeful for this.



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