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August 3, 2021

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Your small effort for Humanity

Your small effort for Humanity

Your small effort for Humanity

Nepal is a beautiful landlocked country in the South-east Asia Region, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas. It is bordered by India in the East, West and South, and China in the North.  

Nepal is famous around the globe for its natural resources, cultural heritage and hospitable people. Nepal owns the highest peak in the world, i.e. Mt. Everest. The beautiful Himalayan range in the north, the deep gorges, diverse flora and flora including some endangered species and many spectacular places are her national treasures. 

The multicultural, multilingual and multiethnic people from east to west, from Himalayas in the north to Terai plainlands in the south combine together to create a common spirit of nationalism recognized all around the world. 

Though Nepal is rich in natural resources, cultural heritages and its loving people, the Human development condition is still poor. Through located between the two economic superpowers in the Asia, the pace of development is slow in this country. 

It is our pleasure to come forward with this small effort to request you all from every corner of the world to contribute a little to help our country. 

International volunteers form any part of the world are kindly invited to visit Nepal at least once with all your family. We, with your help can form an international network of Volunteers with representative form as many countries as we can. 

There is shortage of manpower in the education sector, health sector development sectors, Agriculture sectors, here in Nepal. So you kind people can contribute by teaching these small children in their school, can help by providing primary health care ( some first aid) in the villages or help in construction, Tourism Promote and research, agricultural, environmental etc. works. You can educate the ignorant people on various issues in the communities well. 

So, you can contribute a little in these areas which will be beneficial for the Nepalese and will your great help for the sake of making. You, simply can tell your family members, friends, relatives to visit Nepal and contribute in these areas 

Please think once! Will my small effort, Change the life of many people who are living in a world of poverty? Can I do something for the well being of mankind? Will not it give me a great satisfaction? 

If you thought yes then move a head with the goal of a small effort for humanity.

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