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July 6, 2022

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We are kathmandu base adventure company that offering various types of adventure activities in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet like, Trekking, Peak Climbing, Sightseeing, Safari tour, White river rafting, Jungle walk, Canyoing, Canyoning, Paragliding, Bungy jump, Mt. Flight etc and many more.

Special Package for NTY 2018 / 2019 / 2020 with Budget Cost

Special Package for Autumn and Spring 2019/2020 (Non Star* Budget Service) 

This is our Adventure information from Nepal. If you are really interested to promote Nepal Tourism Year 2020 and as a clients or partnership then you are heartly welcome.

The following Package Cost for Budget Trekkers Limitation service as well. for Volunteers, Students and Budget Trekkers.
Tourists Level : Budget Trekkers, Meddium Trekkers and Luxury Trekkers. For Meddium Trekkers and for group please Click here

Our Special Adventure Mountain trip Hiking and Trekking offers with cost :

S.N[ A ] Annapurna Region :DurationAltitudeCost in USD $
1.Annapurna  Luxury Trekking6 days 3000m. USD  820/-Book Now
2.Annapurna Khayar Trekking14 days3500m.USD  1040/-Book Now
3.Annapurna Base Camp Trekking 9 days4200m.USD  599/-Book Now
4.Annapurna New Trail Culture Heritage Trekking 12 days 5416m.USD  1050/-Book Now
5.Annapurna Hard Way Trekking14 days5500m.USD  1199/-Book Now
6.Annapurna Round Trekking 
[ Thorung-La Pass ]
 16 days5416m.USD  1099/-Book Now
7.Pokhara Sarangkot /Australian Camp Trekking 4 days2600m.USD  550/-Book Now
8.Pokhara Panchase Trekking 7 days3800m.USD  550/-Book Now
Machhapuchhare Model Trekking
10 days4000m.USD  700/-Book Now
10.Manangi Tibetan Culture Trekking 14 days4200m. USD  800/-Book Now
11.Pokhara Jomsom Muktinath Trekking 10 days4000m.USD  700/-Book Now
12.Ghorepani Poonhill Round Trekking 5 days 3210m. USD  450/-Book Now
13.Poonhill Dhaulagiri views Trekking3 days3210m.USD  480/-Book Now
S.N[ B ] Everest Region  :DurationAltitudeCost in USD $
1.Everest Base Camp
12 days5360m.USD  1599/-Book Now
2.Everest Hard Way
16 days5700m. USD  1800/-Book Now
3.Everest Luxury
 7 days 4200m.USD  1500/-Book Now
/ Salpa Pass Trekking
 19 days 5500m. USD  2399/-Book Now
5.Namche Bazaar
Nangpa – La Tibet
View Trekking
14 days4900m.USD  1650/-Book Now
Everest Base Camp
Khumbu Ice Fall
View Trekking
 12 days5360m. USD  1475/-Book Now
7.Amphu Lapcha
la Sherpani cool,
Baruntse Base Camp Chukung Trekking
22 days5700m.USD  3500/-Book Now
8.Three Pass [ Renjo – La ,
Cho – La  and
Khongma – La pass ] Trekking
17 days5700m.USD  2199/-Book Now
9.Gokyo Valley Trekking
( Gokyo Ri Trek )
10 days5360m.USD  1499/-Book Now
10.Everest Four Pass Adventure Trekking
 [ Tashi Lapcha, Renjo-La, Cho-La and Khongma-La ]
19 days 5700m.USD  3800/-Book Now
11.High Solo Trekking14 days4500m.USD  1500/-Book Now
S.N[ C ] Langtang Region  :DurationAltitudeCost in USD $
1.Langtang Valley Trekking5 days3800m.USD  350/-Book Now
Gatlang Tamang Heritage Trekking
10 days 4800m.USD  650/-Book Now
3.Ganesh Himal Trekking 14 days4500m. USD  1050/-Book Now
4.Panch Pokhari /
Bhairab kund lake Trekking
14 days4200mUSD 950/-Book Now
5.Ganga-La Pass Helambu Pass Trekking14 days5130m. USD  1150/-Book Now
S.N[ D ] Dhaulagiri Region  :DurationAltitudeCost in USD $
1.Dhaulagiri Round Trekking 19 days5360m.USD  1700/-Book Now
2.Dhaulagiri Ice fall view Trekking9 days4200m.USD  950/-Book Now
3.Jomsoom Muktinath Thakali Culture trekking9 days3760m.USD  899/-Book Now
S.N[ E ] Kanchenjunga Region  :DurationAltitudeCost in USD
1.Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trekking19 days5310m.USD  1900/-Book Now
2.Kanchenjunga Miring – la Pass Trekking22 days4480m. USD  1800/-Book Now
3.Kanchenjunga Limbu Culture Trekking 14 days3800m.USD  1500/-Book Now
4.Adventure Jaljale Trekking21 days4800m.USD  1900/-Book Now
S.N.[ F ] Mustang Region  : Duration Altitude Cost in USD $
 01Upper Mustang Trekking 12 days 4200m. USD  2099/-Book Now
 02Mustang Trekking 14 days 4200m. USD  1999/-Book Now
 03Mustang Round Trekking 14 days 4500m. USD  1899/-Book Now
 04Mustang / Damodarkunda Lake Trekking 18 days 4200m. USD  2600/-Book Now
 05Mustang /
Damodarkunda lake / Saribhung
la High Pass Trekking
 21 days 6020m. USD  2800/-Book Now
 06Mustang / Teri-la High Pass / Nar – Phu
valley Trekking
 18 days 5630m. USD  2100/-Book Now
 S.N.[ G ] Dolpo Region  : Duration Altitude Cost in USD $
 01Dolpa Trekking 14 days 5214m. USD  1999/-Book Now
 02Upper Dolpa Trekking 22 days 5700m. USD  2100/-Book Now
 03Round Dolpa Trekking 19 days 5500m. USD  2000/-Book Now
 04Upper Dolpa Round Mountain bike Tour 12 days 4200m. USD  1850/-Book Now
 05Humla Jumla Simikot Monastery Trekking 31 days 5700m. USD  3200/-Book Now
 06Jaljala Himal Trekking 14 days 4000m. USD  1800/-Book Now
S.N.[ H ] Manaslu Region  : Duration Altitude Cost in USD $
 01Manaslu Trekking 18 days 5160m. USD  1899/-Book Now
 02Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking 24 days 5160m. USD  1800/-Book Now
 03Larkya La Pass Trekking 12 days 5160m. USD  1500/-Book Now
 04Larkya La, Kang la & Tilicho Lake Pass Trekking 23 days 5306m. USD  2099/-Book Now
 05Rupina La Pass Trekking 21 days 5545m. USD  1799/-Book Now
 06Manaslu Annapurna Trekking 28 days 5416m. USD  2699/-Book Now
 07M.A.D Trekking 33 days 5700m. USD  3599/-Book Now
S.N.[ I ] Makalu Region : Duration Altitude Cost in USD $
 01Makalu Base camp Trekking 21 days 5000m. USD  1799/-Book Now
 02Arun valley Makalu Base Camp Trekking 22 days 5000m. USD  1900/-Book Now
 S.N.Short and Femous Trekking ( Home Stay ) Duration Altitude Cost in USD $
 01Timal Trekking 5 Days 2000m. USD  250/-Book Now
 02Timal Buddhist Master Trail 7 days 2100m. USD  400/-Book Now
 03Timal Mountain bike Tour 5 days 2100m. USD  300/-Book Now
  • Valley sightseeing Around Kathmandu / Chisopani /Nagarkot /Dhulikhel /Namo buddha Trekking 7 days trip cost U$ – 425.
  • Chitwan or Bardia special Tour 4 days trip cost U$ -250.
  • Kathmandu / Bandipur / Pokhara / Palpa Tansen / Lumbini / Chitwan Hiking and sightseeing Tour 8 nights 9 days trip cost U$ – 650.
  • Timal sailing /Mahabharat Range Trekking 12 days trip cost U$ – 450.
  • Kathmandu valley NTY 2012 Year special world heritage culture visit tours 2 days trip cost U$- 150.
  • Kathmandu / Sundari jal /Chisopani 2 days hiking trip cost U$- 110.
  • Kathmandu / Phulchowki or Kathmandu Nagarjun Monastery Hiking Day Hike U$ – 30.
  • Nagarjun day Hiking Tour / Explore Kathmandu valley and to see panoramic snow mountains range view from top of hill U$ – 35.
  • Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing Tour 5 days trip cost U$ – 350.

^O^ Nepal Non tourists Area and Backwarded from Economically Mentally and development programs by government and NGO Sector.

 1. Mahabharat Region Trekking


Home Stay Trekking and Tour Package Cost.

Program 1:  2 nights 3 Days Home Stay Village Tour [ Package Cost P.P. USD 135/- ]
Program 1:  7 days Home Stay Village & Organic Field Tour  [ Package Cost P.P. USD 300/- ]
Program 2:  9 days Home Stay Village Culture Tour  [ Package Cost P.P. USD 450/- ]
Program 3:  11 days Home Stay Pilgrimage Tour [ Package Cost P.P. USD 650/- ]
Volunteer : School, Health post, Road Contruction, Building, Agri culture Development, Mother Community.

 2. Nepal Shamanism Treks and Tours 4 to 5 Days USD 250 P.P.

What’s Includes :

  •  Tims Card Trekking permit.
  •  Conservation / National park Permit fee  ( Special Permit if Necessary Document. )
  •  Meal: All meal during the trek best available restaurant .
  •  2 Nights Hotel in Kathmandu Trekkers Standard Hotel BB Basis.
  •  One experience trekking guide/Climbing Guide & necessary porters.
  •  Transportation from Kathmandu to Kathmandu or flight as itinerary area wise
  •  Insurance for Guide & Porters
  •  All accommodation during the trek best available hotel/guesthouses
  •  Airport -Hotel-Airport transfer
  •  Company service charge.

What’s not Includes :

  •  PERSONAL equipment for Trekking
  •  Personal Insurance for travel to Nepal 
  •  Lunch & dinner in Kathmandu
  •  Emergency Rescue evacuation 
  •  Trekking Sleeping bag 
  •  Personal expenses 
  •  Tipping (Tips) 
  •  Bar bills, Mineral water 
  •  Departures taxes

Note : After end of the trip tips for guide and porters compulsory according to our company Rule and regulation.

About Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

  • Chitwan Jungle Safari One night 2 Days Trip cost per person USD 70/-
  • Chitwan Jungle Safari 2 nights 3 Days Trip cost per person USD 115/-
  • Chitwan Jungle Safari 3 nights 4 days Trip cost per person USD 155/-

About Bardia Jungle Safari Tour

  • Bardia Jungle Safari One night 2 Days Trip cost per person USD 115/-
  • Bardia Jungle Safari 2 nights 3 Days Trip cost per person USD 190/-
  • Bardia Jungle Safari 3 nights 4 Days Trip cost per person USD 275/-

About Rafting in Nepal

  • One Day Rafting Trip cost per person USD 55/-
  • One nights 2 days Rafting Trip cost per person USD 100/-
  • 2 nights 3 Days Rafting Trip cost per person USD 165/-

Note : If you are coming with group the rafting trip cost will be down. In this cost lunch dinner breakfast Rafting equipment transportation includes. Volunteer or Student Rafting cost will be different.

Tibet Treks and Tours Per Person Cost :

  • Tibet tour Four Days Trip Cost  US$ 799/- ( Join Basis )
  • Tibet tour 8 Days Trip Cost  US$ $ 1,400/- ( Join Basis )
  • Tibet Trek and Tour with EBC 10 to 14 Days Trip Cost  US$ 2600 /- [ US$ 2150/- group Only ]
  • Mt. Kailash tour Via Nepalgunj Simikot 19 to 21 days Trip Cost US$ 3500/- [ US$ 2900/- group Only ]
  • Mt. Kailash tour via Lhasa 18 days Trip Cost US$ 2800/- [ Join Basic ]

Note :   This is our Adventure information from Nepal for groups. If you are really interested to promote Nepal Tourism Year 2012 and and Lumbini Visit Year as a Clients or Partnership or Tour Leader then you are heartly welcome. We will compromize about the package cost, Terms and Conditions Policies. For more information and Service please feel free to contact us :

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