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July 6, 2022

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We are kathmandu base adventure company that offering various types of adventure activities in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet like, Trekking, Peak Climbing, Sightseeing, Safari tour, White river rafting, Jungle walk, Canyoing, Canyoning, Paragliding, Bungy jump, Mt. Flight etc and many more.

Hospitality and Internships program in Nepal

Hospitality & Tourism Internships in Nepal

The Amazing Authentic Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. provides college students with guaranteed Various types internship placement in premier hospitality internships. You control the entire placement process, as you work with a Amazing Authentic Treks Travel and Tourism Internship Coordinator as they assist in revising your resume, before scheduling interviews with our large network of hospitality companies. Before you begin the placement process, you must first apply and be accepted to a program and city to begin.

Hospitality and Tourism internships offer first hand experience in some of the most distinguished tourism destinations in the world. There are many aspects to a hospitality and tourism internship, such as: Travel and Tourism, World Travel operation management, event planning, marketing, volunteer management, free skill training, acupunture, acupressure, medical internships and customer service. If you have ever thought of working at a hotel, resort, or conference center, a hospitality internship is right for you.

Sustainable Development Internships in Nepal

Sustainable development in Nepal not only means protecting the environment, but also meeting the needs of the local people through various construction projects, teaching, health camps, farming, water projects, and more.  Goals in Nepal will focus largely around reducing poverty, ensuring sustainable food production, and access to clean water resources. Daily tasks will vary; you could be working actively in the education and awareness of your program, developing proposals, writing reports, or assisting hands-on in the development and execution of sustainable agriculture techniques.

Social Work Internships in Nepal

As in many developing countries, women and children often feel the brunt of lacking resources. Many people are homeless, and while there are vast efforts to move them into shelters and orphanages, most of these facilities are poorly funded, under-staffed, and in need of assistance. As an intern, you will help with the general operation of these centers, develop recreation programs for the children, assist kids with school work, and serve as a mentor.

Medical Internships in Nepal

It is estimated that hundreds of thousands of Nepali people, particularly women and children, suffer unnecessarily due to a lack of basic medical care. Your work at a hospital or clinic is an opportunity to provide a much-needed service while learning firsthand about basic healthcare in a third world country. If you have interest or experience in a particular field, let us know, and we will create an internship tailored specifically to you. This program is ideal for pre-med students, nursing students, or those with related levels of experience. Basic medical care can be administered in hospitals, clinics, schools, and orphanages. You will have the opportunity to interact with patients, shadow doctors, and perform various medical procedures, depending on your experience.

Well, If you are an Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Naturopath or Other natural-health practitioner, We needs your help. We have two volunteer programs designed to provide opportunities to serve at our treatment facilities in Nepal.

NGO Internships in Nepal

There are many diverse non-profit groups in Nepal to suit your particular area of interest. Interns have the opportunity to be an active part of fundraising efforts, creating awareness of individual project goals and missions. Common areas of work include, but are not limited to: education, health, hygiene, and environmental issues. Other tasks may include writing reports and proposals, community engagement, and various administrative work.

Education Internships in Nepal

This program gives interns the opportunity to teach in selected institutions, public and private, under the supervision of a school supervisor or headmaster. Your own cultural background will add depth to the learning of cultures for these students, and they will probably be very curious about daily life in your home country since they have only ever read about it in textbooks. Depending on your background, you can teach English, Art, Computer, or Math classes to students ranging 8-15 years of age.  Interns may also assist in activities that aim to develop the skills and character of the children, be involved in the creation of lesson plans, and promote after-school education and recreation programs. If you like working with children and adolescents and want to inspire them to grow into confident, responsible, and educated citizens, then this is the perfect internship placement for you.

Animal Sciences Internships in Nepal

As a country with incredible wildlife diversity, there are many opportunities to work with animals in Nepal. Depending on your interests, you may be placed in an animal clinic or sanctuary to rehabilitate and treat animals. Local NGOs or government organizations also offer internships dealing with animal welfare. If you prefer to work with farmers, you can learn about the best agricultural practices and how to prevent diseases, or work on breeding projects. Some tasks may include: vaccinations, clinical check-ups, policy writing, research, and education.

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