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January 24, 2021

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We are kathmandu base adventure company that offering various types of adventure activities in Nepal, India, Bhutan and Tibet like, Trekking, Peak Climbing, Sightseeing, Safari tour, White river rafting, Jungle walk, Canyoing, Canyoning, Paragliding, Bungy jump, Mt. Flight etc and many more.

What is Trekking ?

What is Trekking ?

What is Trekking ?

What is trekking?
Trekking is an adventurous activity and walking in areas where unpredictability is the norm. Health and hygiene standards will not be the same as in the West and people often have a different concept of time. A flexible approach and sense of humor are essential for maximum enjoyment of adventure travel. Bad weather, flight cancellations, sickness, damage caused by monsoon rains etc, may necessitate a change in the most carefully made plans.

How long the trek will be?
Generally, the duration of trek depends on your time, interest and location. Your trek can last anywhere from 2-3 days to an entire month or longer if you wish. We can accommodate day hikes, cultural visits to local villages, and relaxing rest days on your trek. The decision is up to you.

How difficult are the treks?
All Amazing trips are graded in terms of difficulty. The difficulty of our treks depends on where you want to trek and how long you want to go. The shorter Treks tend to be easier while the longer ones require some physical fitness. Be prepared for some steep trails leading to amazing views. The pace at which you hike is up to you. We have friendly and dependable porters to assist you with your personal gear.

How flexible is the trekking day?
You can hike at your own race, stopping when you wish. There is simple time to cover the necessary hiking distance each day with lots of stops. If you are on a private trek, you may wish to take more or fewer days to cover a given distance, or add in rest day like Acclimatize. If you like to hike fast, your guide will be concerned that you acclimatize to high altitude effectively. You may wish to reach camp at a measured pace, but take a side hike after camp arrival. Your guide is always interested to learn about your personal interests and to accommodate those interests as the trip permits.

What are the advantages of trekking?
To feel the rhythms of Himalayan life, get close to the high peaks, to be known about the ethnic culture and socioeconomic life of the people, take a trek will be organized by registered trekking agencies like we are. In our view trekking involves extended hikes into road less areas accompanied by a support staff of guides and assistants. Sometimes you may also have porters or pack animals. Often you will have your own cook. You will always have a local guide who is fluent in English and local languages and who knows not only the route, but the local merchants, farmers and villagers along the way.

Do I need to trek to enjoy the Himalayas?
If you are interested to have a deeper understanding of traditional cultures and the rhythms of village life you need to trek. Trekking is as much about adjusting your own attitudes and behaviors to a simpler life as it is about observing the lives of others. If you are fit enough and have the time to do so, you should trek really to enjoy the wonders of the Himalayas.

I want to go on a trek. When and where can I do so?
There are numerous treks you can try when you are in Nepal depending on the time of the year, amount of time and money you have to spend, and the amount of experience you’ve had. For limited time and money, the best trekking routes would be the Langtang Helambu trek just north of Kathmandu, and parts of the Annapurna region trek north of Pokhara. If you have more time, a trek in the Everest region or the full Annapurna circuit can be rewarding. A more difficult trek is the Kanchenjunga area trek in the far-eastern Nepal. A fantastic trekking can be booked through registered and licensed trekking operators from Nepal are recommended. If you want more details check out Amazing Authentic Treks & Expedition (p.) Ltd.

How fit do I need to be to trek?
The more fit you are, the more ambitious you can be in your planning. Trekking does not require extraordinary fitness. If you exercise regularly, maintain a healthful weight and do not suffer from heart, respiratory, leg or back problems you will probably enjoy the physical routines of trekking. You will certainly enjoy the excellent meals your cook prepares, the cultural access your guide facilitates and the close views of high peaks, remote communities and deep valleys.

How far do I trek each day?
You will typically walk 4-9 miles (5-8 hours) each day. Some days may be rest days for impromptu exploration. In high and steep areas, you may have to move more slowly.

How safe is trekking?
Probably safer than any kind of vehicle travel or travel in urban areas. You are getting away from the dangers of modern society and entering a world where people watch out for each other and maintain vigilance for the well being of their neighbors. Your cook will oversee careful, healthful food preparation. Your guide will be asking continuously about the trail ahead and the health of all the trek participants. Our treks do not follow trails or pass through areas, which are dangerous. You will seldom, if ever, have to wade streams or navigate difficult footpaths.

Can I set my own itinerary?
Yes, absolutely! The Amazing Authentic Treks itineraries listed here are the tip of the iceberg. If a Amazing Authentic Treks itinerary does not suit your timetable or trip requirements, please contact us. Amazing Authentic Treks specializes in tailoring adventures and sightseeing tours and has been doing so since 1992. If you have a question we will probably have the answer and holiday to suit your needs, so Contact Us.

We understand that you may prefer to travel within your own group. Amazing Authentic is able to organize a wide range of itineraries to suit your group’s requirements, including school excursions, corporate getaways and team building and voluntary programs. Every aspect of your trip is tailor made by our Wonderful Amazing Authentic team. Pricing will be arranged directly with special rates applicable to larger groups.

Who will lead my trip?
Professional, well-educated and experienced mountain guides who are personally known about the trekking destinations will lead your trek. They all speak good English and are highly knowledgeable about the areas you visit. Our guides have worked in the Himalayas for many years on treks and mountaineering expeditions and have a wealth of experience in dealing with potential emergencies. An experienced western leader accompanies our extended treks and tours in Tibet.

How will be my guides?
Amazing Authentic Treks has a policy of training and employing only local staff, including guides. These guides are first aid trained, speak English and are constantly being further skilled with eco-tourism and other training programs provided by Amazing Authentic Treks & Expedition. Local guides are passionate about their country and they know the region and the culture better than anyone. Amazing Authentic treks also has a strong policy on contributing back to the communities we travel in, so instead of paying relatively large sums to international guides, we only train and employ local guides. Interacting with your guides is also a fun and informative way to gain local insight, and you can pick up a bit of the language and other skills that can make your adventure that much more enjoyable.

We are happy to provide specific details about your guide should you request this for your trip.

What will I need to carry?
Porters or yaks will carry your kitbags with all personal and camping equipment. You only have to carry the items that you will need during the day such as camera, water bottle, sun-cream, fleece and waterproof jacket that should fit into a day sack of approx 35 to 40 liter capacity.

Where Can I get more information and maps?
A travel / trek guidebook is best for more information. Maps are available in bookstores around Pokhara and Kathmandu. Amazing Authentic Treks can help to arrange for the same.

When I go for treks, can I store my luggage somewhere?
Generally your hotel or lodge will let you store your luggage with them for some nominal or no fee. As long as you lock up your bags, they are normally safe.

I don’t have much time to trek around all over the country. But I would still like to see as many mountains as I can. What can I do?

An excellent way to see the breath-taking mountains of Nepal is to take the “mountain flight”. Royal Nepal Airlines and other private airlines such as Buddha Air, Cosmic Air, Gorkha Airlines and Necon Air offer these spectacular mountain flights several times a day in Nepal. You can check for the mountain flight schedule with us and will inform you as per the season and weather.

What sort of bag is best to carry my personal belongings to and within Nepal?
An internal frame backpack or rucksack is ideal. Suitcases can be very inconvenient while traveling and trekking within Nepal. Also bring along a small daytime backpack to carry around things needed while touring around during the day. A money-belt or pouch to strap around your waist for your money, passport and other valuables is recommended. Specialized gears for trekking need are available for rent in Kathmandu.

What are porters?
Porter is the term used to describe the staff that carries the equipment and belongings for your trek. Porters are in fact often part time farmers who require supplementary income and the practice of portering is an integral part of the Himalayan culture. Amazing Authentic committed to caring for our porters. In fact, Amazing Authentic goes the extra yard by actively encouraging our more experienced porters to train as guides, the expense for which is covered by Amazing Authentic.

Happy porters make your adventure more enjoyable and provide a unique insight into their culture. For additional information on Amazing Authentic’S support of porters go to our Eco Policy page.

If I am traveling alone, will Amazing Authentic Treks find me a roommate?
Our prices are based on double occupancy. If you would like a roommate, we can often pair you with someone (of the same gender if required). If no roommate is available or if you prefer to be alone, there is no additional charge if you sign up earlier in advance of trip departure. If you sign up within short period, a single supplement will apply. Single tents are available on camping trips.

I am disabled:
Treks may be hard for you, depending on the nature and severity of your disability. Steps, stairs and steep slopes are everywhere. A quiet holiday in Kathmandu or one of the wildlife parks in the Tarai can be great though. However, note that except in the more expensive hotels, handicap facilities are non-existent.

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