Monsoon Trekking in Nepal

Nepal Monsoon Summer Trekking Tour.

The summer we have various types of unique Hiking, Trekking and tour destinations in the Himalayas to choose from with great discounted prices – something to suit everyone. Hurry up ! Don’t miss out on our fantastic Deals, and book on an experience of a lifetime !

Our highly revisited popular Summer tour packages are awaiting to explore. Though the upcoming season will be filled with monsoon, where else can be more charming, more alluring and more tempting than to explore flora and funa and biodiversity in the Himalayas.

Beat the 10 % off season deal that we have devised – jump into the botanical garden of Himalayas in Nepal and Bhutan and Tibet to quench your passion of research. The Summer in the Himalayas unfolds the most greenery of nature with myriad diversity.

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